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Seattle’s Rocky Path to Biking Infrastructure

By Arick Wong For some, Seattle’s lush woodlands are best enjoyed on a bike. From the sequestered bike lanes to the scenic trails, Seattle has become a popular city for cyclists: roughly 3-4% of Seattleites commute to work on a bicycle. Environmentally-conscious infrastructure for daily commuting...


Rainworks Brightens Seattle’s Rainy Days

By Jeffrey Rindskopf Any unremarkable sidewalk in Seattle might turn into an inexplicable work of art when the rain starts pouring. Water turns the dull concrete a deeper shade of gray, but some areas miraculously remain dry and then, slowly, spell out a message: “Stay dry...


Buy Nothing Creates Community in a Digital Age

By Jeffrey Rindskopf A neighbor whose children had recently moved from home once gifted Crescent Moegling a plastic playset designed to resemble a dragon’s fortress and, for years, Moegling’s son made good use of the toy and all its accompanying figurines. When he too had outgrown...


Architectural Salvage Retells the Stories of Seattle

By Wendy K. Leigh Long before Seattle was a city, the native population inhabiting our rainy Pacific Northwestern enclave were storytellers, handing down objects like culture bearers from one generation to the next. Now a new army of old-soul architectural salvage entrepreneurs are making sure the...