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Fearless Ideas Take Flight in Seattle

By Wendy K. Leigh We’ve all heard of being “sleepless” in Seattle, but how about “fearless?” It just so happens the city has a dedicated bureau for that. It’s one that is actively shaping the burgeoning minds of Seattle’s next wave of creative writing professionals –...


Seattle Recreative Turns Trash into Treasure

By Wendy K. Leigh  The term “creative green sensibility” may be missing in the mainstream vernacular of some cities – but certainly not in Seattle. As far as the eco-crafting folks at nonprofit Seattle Recreative are concerned, every scrap, scribble, string, and square of discarded paper,...


Local Woman Shows Seattle’s Homeless More Love

By Ryan MacDonald For ten straight years, Kristine Moreland had plans every Tuesday night. Alongside the Union Gospel Mission Search and Rescue team, she would travel to the streets of South Downtown (SODO) and pass out bags of food and clothing to the city’s homeless community. And...


Local Woman is Teaching King County Girls to Be Young Queens

By Ryan MacDonald Who runs the world? Girls! At least that's what Monika Matthews is hoping to instill in the young women of King County through her non-profit organization, Life Enrichment Group. Founded in 2003 in response to a disproportionate number of youth of color, particularly African American girls, failing...