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Ironheart Foundation Turns Adversity Into Inspiration

By Wendy K. Leigh At the Ironheart Foundation in Seattle, it’s not as much about living with adversity as it is about thriving with it. One in five Americans will develop heart disease in their lifetime, according to the American Heart Association. Ironheart is taking an...


Big Data Equals Big Change for Seattle

By Wendy K. Leigh When big organizations come together to solve big problems, they sometimes create a quagmire of entirely new issues and layers of red tape – but not so in Seattle these days. At least that’s the case if MetroLab has anything to do...


Tactical Urbanism: Seattle Streets Grow With the Flow

By Wendy K Leigh They say that everything is set in stone when it comes to government agencies – but Seattle’s Department of Transportation (DOT) is going the extra mile to make sure nothing falls through the cracks as the city continually expands. With at least...


WeCount App Makes Giving Easy

By Wendy K. Leigh Who knew there’s a night in January each year devoted to counting homeless people living on the streets of Seattle? Unusual connections form when more than 1,000 people bundle up on a cold winter night and pull an all-nighter roaming the pavements...