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Rachel Green is Making Experiences from Installations

By Jeffrey Rindskopf The room is dark when the performance begins, except for the dim video of a woman floating across blue water projected onto four sectional windows, carefully suspended at 45-degree angles from the high ceilings. In the darkness, Rachel Green begins singing in a...


Tactical Urbanism: Seattle Streets Grow With the Flow

By Wendy K Leigh They say that everything is set in stone when it comes to government agencies – but Seattle’s Department of Transportation (DOT) is going the extra mile to make sure nothing falls through the cracks as the city continually expands. With at least...


Rainworks Brightens Seattle’s Rainy Days

By Jeffrey Rindskopf Any unremarkable sidewalk in Seattle might turn into an inexplicable work of art when the rain starts pouring. Water turns the dull concrete a deeper shade of gray, but some areas miraculously remain dry and then, slowly, spell out a message: “Stay dry...


Buy Nothing Creates Community in a Digital Age

By Jeffrey Rindskopf A neighbor whose children had recently moved from home once gifted Crescent Moegling a plastic playset designed to resemble a dragon’s fortress and, for years, Moegling’s son made good use of the toy and all its accompanying figurines. When he too had outgrown...