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New Comcast Tech Center Bridges Digital Access

By Ryan MacDonald As part of its commitment to closing the digital divide, the Comcast NBCUniversal Assistive Technology Grant Fund awarded $200,000 last year to six Easterseals locations across the country to assist them in constructing up-to-date technology centers that would better service their clients. One of...


Hive Media Lab: Evolving Media through Collaboration

By Elke Hautala At the edge of Seattle Center, deep in the heart of Public TV station KCTS 9; a unique experiment in news and collaboration is forming. It’s called Hive Media Lab and the public is not only invited but also encouraged to participate. On Friday...


Local Podcasts Are Taking Their Own Approach to Tech

By Jeffrey Rindskopf The podcast is a medium nearly universal in scope. As with many other innovations in digital media, the format allows just about anyone—provided they have access to some kind of recording facility—to become their own content creators, with easy access to audio hosting...


Experimental Field Recordist Weaves Nature Into Beats

By Ryan MacDonald Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you stuck a hydrophone into The Port of Seattle and recorded the ecosystem that lurks down below? Well thanks to sound artist and field recordist Jake Muir, now you can. Just don’t expect it...