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Welcome to Undercurrents

There’s a whole lot to absorb here in the Emerald City. From the grassroots social justice folks to the startup entrepreneurs to the tech moguls making headlines, Seattle is a true melting pot of innovation. We are thrilled to tell some of those stories.

There’s so much happening and so much character running through the undercurrents of this place and we hope to provide another place to see, hear, and make sense of it all. That’s why we’d like to welcome you here—to Undercurrents, your new Seattle innovation hub that embraces innovation as much as our Dirty Chai lattes.

On Undercurrents, you’ll find other Seattle innovators, creators, technologies, artists, and, most importantly humans flying below, along, and beyond the radar in creating some positive change in this town. You’ll see entrepreneurs taking that first big leap; you’ll watch talented musicians seeking that first big break; you’ll be enlightened to philanthropic efforts shaking up communities for the better.

You’ll find other like-minded, passionate individuals who are taking everything Seattle has to offer, and turning it into something from which we can all benefit and enjoy.

Most importantly, you’ll find the undercurrents of a city, swiftly and boldly moving in a different direction. Daring to make changes, build things that are groundbreaking, and leave impressions that will no longer be wiped away by the currents of what is consumed on the surface.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us in this project and help us bring voice to our previously unheard undercurrents.


The Undercurrents Editorial Team