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WWU and Comcast Team Up to Offer Xfinity on Campus

By Ryan MacDonald

For the students of Western Washington University (WWU), binge-watching marathons of “Game of Thrones” just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to Xfinity On Campus, a comprehensive television service now offered by Comcast, students who live on the Bellingham campus are now able to stream and watch up to 80 live channels of TV, including every major broadcast network and others cable networks like HBO, AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central, MTV and ESPN. And they can do that all from the comfort of their dorm rooms.


The service is included in student housing fees of the 4,000 Vikings who live on campus and gives its viewers control over not only what they watch but where.

With the Xfinity Stream app, students are watching shows and movies from laptops, smartphones and other devices, like Rokus, and are keeping up with their favorite “Real Housewife,” cheering on their beloved Seahawks or obsessing over the latest plot twists of “Grey’s Anatomy” wherever they are.

“What an opportunity to show these new millennial customers just how easy and innovative our products are,” said Amy Lynch, regional vice president of Comcast’s Washington region.

“Accessing Xfinity Stream is appealing for students because it doesn’t require any Comcast-owned equipment or waiting for an installation,” she added. “Once they sign up, they can start streaming immediately.”


Even when finals and midterms become too demanding, students can still have the upper hand over their TV schedules. With On Campus, customers can record up to 20 hours of content and download and watch their shows when they’re offline. Because the service is compatible with Apple, Android and Kindle devices, no matter what type of streaming device they have, they’ll be covered.

Not in the dorms? No problem.

As part of the subscription, students can use their school credentials to login when they head off campus boundaries, like, say, when they go home to do laundry at their parents’. No clunky hardware or remote controls needed. Just a basic student log-in at the site’s portal and they’ll be keeping up to date with what’s trending on the tube or managing what’s being recording on their DVR and saving it for later.

But spoiler alert! On Campus service doesn’t end there.


If tuning into HBO to catch up on GOT isn’t enough to satisfy that Sunday night TV craving, students can upgrade their account to include more premium movie channels like Showtime and Starz. Or if keeping up with all the NCAA Football drama is more their thing, viewers can purchase more sports related content like the channel ESPN Goal Line, a preferred choice on many collegiate campuses.

And with Xfinity On Demand, these undergrads will have a wide variety of TV and classic movies in an On Demand library that includes thousands of hours of programming. So there won’t be any more of that excuse, “But there’s nothing on to watch.”

WWU is the fourth Pacific Northwest campus to offer the streaming service, joining Gonzaga, Pacific Lutheran and Seattle Pacific. To register, students can visit https://xfinityoncampus.com, enter their school name and authenticate their account.

With Xfinity On Campus, there seems to be no quicker way to make new friends. So host a viewing party in your dorm room and be the first to know who’s voted off the island.